Office we take seriously our impact on the environment and endeavour to act responsibly in pursuit of a sustainable business with a low carbon footprint.  We apply this to all aspects of our work, and in particular strive to:

  • Offset carbon emissions for our website, mobile phones and business mileage by subscribing to coco2, which is owned and managed by Carbon Reg Limited (www/
  • Offset our carbon emissions by paying the World Wildlife Fund to protect an area of the rainforest on our behalf through their Rainforest Rescue Project
  • Use suppliers and contractors with credible environmental policies
  • Use recyclable and environmentally friendly products and materials
  • Order supplies in sufficient quantity to reduce unnecessary deliveries
  • Minimise waste where possible
  • Conduct most of our communication by e-mail and telephone to reduce paper usage we do not believe in the theory of the paperless office but recognise that significant environmental savings can be made by using modern electronic communication
  • Use public transport where practical

In addition, we believe in ethical business practice, professionalism, quality of service and materials, equality, diversity and disability awareness.  These are factors in the way that we run our business, and we expect our suppliers and contractors to do the same.


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Ringway House, Kelvin Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2DB

Telephone: +44 (0) 1635 42864


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